April 1-5 – Skanderborg


It's Easter camp! 5 days of sermons, worship, seminars, fun, new friends, old friends, dancing and joy.

In short: Hundreds of students. Gathered to share our faith. Learn more of who Jesus is. And to worship him.

Who is it for?

You! Students from every corner of Denmark – and the world.

When should I register for the camp?

Now! The last chance to register online for Easter Camp will be on Wednesday, 22 March.


Yes! My foundation is in Jesus, the gospel and the message that comes to us in the Bible: We are created and loved. Bought at the cross to belong to God. Resurrected to a new life in Christ! HALLELUJAH! CAN I GET AN AMEN!?


But wait a minute - what does that even mean? It sounds great but why does it sometimes still feel like empty vitamins when everyday life hits?

What does it mean that 'I have risen to a new life in Christ' if my grade sheet sucks, the earth suffers, everything slips?

What use do I have for the cross when everything runs smoothly - without God's help!?

Why does it all seem to slip through my fingers as soon as I leave the church, my community and the safety of my KFS group?

Is there a real foundation I can stand on here? A foundation I can walk on? Also in the middle of MY life?


Yes! And it's a FOUNDATION we will explore, challenge and dust off at Easter Camp 2023!